The down turn in out door work during the Corona Virus has given us the opportunity to reconsider the purpose of archaeology. Many archaeologists are looking to a more effective way to work which gives value to mental health and physical wellbeing. It is hoped we can implement such an environment of work in the coming months.

Well it is Dec 2020 now and almost a year has past since there was a change in focus and tempo in our lives. There is a greater amount of individual public contact between archaeologists regarding personal well-being and the purpose of archaeology via the digital world. Many archaeologists now look to finishing off reports and backlogs so that new ways of working and a greater respect of the individual can exist 'everyday' in the field and in the office. Thank you to the many who give support freely and with sincerity.

NG Archaeology Services works throughout Scotland and is based in Edinburgh. The main focus for our work is to ensure that the client understands the archaeological process, a process which is more easily managed with our friendly approach and willingness to explain the importance of the archaeology being undertaken and the role it has in the adding to the community sense of belonging, to the client. Our experience with working with individuals and with large corporate bodies maintains a sense of perspective when it comes to planning and decision making, be it on a daily or long term basis.






NG Archaeology Services is proud to consider community engagement and empowerment as central to our ethos.







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