About Us 

2020 has seen major projects come to fruition and the pleasure of knowing much has been shared and learnt.  As with the general situation in archaeology new horizons and personal developments bring with them changes. This year sees the reduction of work to cater for personal ambitions of staff.  We have been fortunate to be able to have followed many of our own professional interests while working on-site and in post excavation. Enthusiasm for Victorian pottery or researching the social story of a site, normally outwith the clients funding, hours in the National Library of Scotland, and an eye on community needs has made the last 4 years most lively and productive. In an time when the individual archaeologist is seen to be more than a PPE number we have striven to give a safe working environment for each member of staff responding to family demands, LGBTQ presence, and mental well being. It is now hoped a period of reflection will bring form to the many ideas and new ways of working for all the team members over the past 4 years. Stay Safe!


 In line with current global concerns, our field work takes a proactive stance on protecting the environment, its fauna and flora, and local waterways.


When possible all materials are reused or recycled and on-site work follows specific Health and Safety and Environmental guidelines which are applicable to the project.


Having worked with conservationists and construction firms in urban and rural settings, NG Archaeology has a positive approach to these matters.


As a small company we will always outsource specialist work to our archaeological colleagues, in areas of environmental analysis, dendrochronology, and detailed artefact identification and use.  


In accordance with local council policy and good practise we look to provide the local community with information about the archaeology being uncovered, be it organised site visits, talks or the inclusion of volunteers and Community Service workers whenever possible.


In supporting the idea of sustainable archaeological practise we look to maintain an open dialogue with clients and the broader community.


In doing so we hope to provide a service which is welcomed by all those involved in community and commerical developments in which we are asked to participate.

Josephine Garry, MA, PCIfA

Josephine Garry studied in the rich historic and prehistoric area of Carmarthen, South Wales, after which she worked in London at the major multi-period excavation at Dover Street. Following three years working in Scottish archaeology, she completed her MA at Orkney College, once more studying in one of the richest landscapes in Europe before returning to the field in Scotland and Ireland.  Having previously worked in charitable organizations in the visual arts, media and environment she is committed to encouraging community involvement and providing opportunities to newly qualified archaeologists. In line with embracing new opportunities, she completed her PADI Open Water certification in Scotland, and enjoys the cold waters of Scotland.


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