East Calder

DATE: AUG 2005

Client: J Cairns

Following discussion with the planning department of West Lothian Council regarding the continuation of planning consent at 245 Main Street, East Calder, and WOSAS regarding the requirements of the Written Scheme of Investigation for the site, the client commissioned NG Archaeology Services to excavate a 1m by 2m trench as part of the WSI programme agreed with WOSAS. This trench was located across one the proposed foundation trenches which would be required for the house when built. In effect this work would allow the current planning permission for the building of the proposed house to remain valid.

The trench was 1m by 2m and hand dug. It was located close to the church wall on the West side of the site between the two upstanding garages which are part of the building plot. The trench exposed a number of layers of levelling deposits and layers which are understood to relate to earlier tracks and or buildings. A number of finds were recovered and these are suitably distinct to possibly offer a chronology of the deposits seen in section.