23 Main Street, Uphall

Client: Craig Daly

Date: April 2013

The urban environment can be seen as a place of industrial histories and post medieval settlement along the lines of cities such as Edinburgh and Dundee. The lesser known smaller towns, such as Uphall, also offer an insight into the an industrial past and the associated building of homes for workers and the new middle class post 1800s. Surprisingly, they also can still have above ground plot arrangements which pre date the 1600s and early settlement boundary markers such as banks and ditches surviving in the back yards of many a high street. These small plots which are now being developed offer the chance to look for these early Medieval markers of settlement location. Uphall, while only a three day project, is typical of many projects throughout archaeology that archaeologists are happy to carry-out not only to add formally to the historical record but also to bring about the informal discussion of local passerbys who, on many occassions have an insight into the uses and tradtions related to these smaller off the road areas.