Firhill High School

Two team members attended a careers day at Firhill High School on June 17th 2016 between the hours of 9:00 – 12:00. The eve

nt took place after an invitation by the organizers where we were asked to represent the archaeological profession and promote archaeological and conservation work in Edinburgh. Two groups of students and teachers attended the event and we were invited to attend next year again.

We were provided with a table and display board where we displayed photographs of the team working at Goods Corner, some finds and information about the site. In addition, we displayed general photos of archaeologists at work in varying working conditions, some articles and magazines regarding the profession and information about employment prospects and the skills required.

Each group consisted of approximately 40 students and 5 teachers. They were left to wander around the room and approach each table and professional as desired (some other professional fields included media and radio, care work, hospitality and retail, law, science such as astronomy and mathematics). After the first group of students, out of which we spoke to only a few pupils, we decided that one of us would wander around the room and approach the students as they seemed very shy and reserved about approaching the tables and striking up a conversation but would stand and look from afar. We spoke overall to 50 students and teachers, including a few of the other professionals attending the event at their own stands.