Meet the Archaeologist @ Dunfermline

NG Archaeology services had an outreach event in Waterstones. The event was shared on social media, on both Twitter and Facebook via the Waterstones Dunfermline social media accounts a month prior.

Considering the more general atmosphere of the bookstore, 2 tables were set up as a meeting station. One was a stall, with pictures and books for customers of the store to peruse, and the other was an activity table for children. The stall had a slideshow of pictures to depict the diversity of the job - in all seasons - as well as the diversity of people involved. Pictures were used from previous projects NG Archaeology Services were involved in, as well as pictures of the volunteers and workers at Goods Corner. These included all-women teams, archaeologists with disabilities and POC volunteers at Goods Corner. The photos also involved excavations in all weathers, as well as underwater archaeology.

The activity station had the tiles that were created for the school outreach, faunal bones and the poster for animal bone activities and colouring-in sheets. This was to ensure that there were at least a few activities if there were a large group of children, and to ensure that there was a diverse amount of activities for the wide-range of people visiting the station (from toddlers to young adults).