Easton Farm, Dunsyre

Client: Alexander Allison

Date: Oct 2012

Many archaeological jobs come from the construction industry and not all are major year long projects! This work is essential to the everyday success of a unit providing a cash flow that is required to maintain the necessary skills and staff. On the more stress free note such work is vital and amazingly productive in providing an insight into previously little known environments, be they small plots in many of the smaller villages of Scotland or a field close to a farm steading.

These smaller jobs; test trenches, foundation trenches for new buildings, extension work and service trenches all shed light through the finding of middens, old ditch and banks, dropped arrow heads or pottery waste and occasional lost buildings! Over all this new knowledge adds to the understanding of how a settlement developed, how people moved between settlements and where industrial or ritual events took place.

A single turbine, on raised ground near a farm stead may seem uninteresting yet a short search of the archives noted that the area is rich in prehistoric sites and more recent post Medieval settlement development, including a very productive period of milling and later farm management.

This three day job gave up 12th - 14th Century Pottery known as SWGW and a possible lost building. Not bad for 200 meters of trench!