3-4 Belford Road

Client: Caledonian Trust PLC

An archaeological excavation was carried out in response to planning conditions relating to the development of the site for housing at 3-4 Belford Road, Edinburgh. The site is located in the historic residential area of Dean Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and HES designated Conservation area (Ref: CA 37). The work consisted of a Desk Based Assessment, (DBA), a digital survey and photographic record, and excavation to investigate the structural remains of the church and to establish if there were any prior structures, evidence of phases or relationships associated with the context of the church and/or evidence of earlier sites under the foundations. These works were commissioned by Caledonian Trust PLC. The work was undertaken from January 23rd to February 14th 2017 and was restricted to the central area of the site, with buffer zones to the S towards 9-15 Bell’s Brae to avoid risk of damage to the building and associated services.