Goods Corner

Client: Kenworth Student Ltd

NG Archaeology Services was commissioned by ‘Kenworth Student Living Ltd’ to carry out a Trial Trench programme (Phase 1) in April 2016, this was followed by the Full Excavation of the site (Phase 2) mid 2016 and 2017 (Phase 3) in response to planning conditions set out by the archaeological officer, John Lawson, for Edinburgh City, in respect for the planning application for Goods Corner, planning number 15/03566/FUL and 15/03574/FUL.

The remains of buildings and their footprints were fully excavated, uncovering many older, unknown, structures with a plethora of finds ranging from the common to the unique. The on site excavation of Phase 3 has been successfully completed and the post-excavation is currently ongoing.

Update Jan 2019: Our post-excavation work now includes, as many other projects do, a community engagement planning condition. From our initial chats with locals in 2016 we are still running our Facebook page, three years later, with updates on finds, research and the importance of heritage and cultural and social history. In 2017 we participated in an exhibition at Inch House, run by the Greater Liberton Heritage Project and showcased our archaeological work, findings and community involvement.