Brunstane House

Client: Caledonian Trust Ltd.

After the initial excavation work at Brunstane Farm Steading in 2016, further consultation with John Lawson, Curator of Edinburgh City Archaeology in 2019 identified the requirement for a watching brief in the courtyard and pathway of the site. Work commenced on the 14th March 2019 and it soon became apparent that an archaeological excavation of the courtyard and the continuation of the watching of the pathway was necessary to ascertain the depth and phasing of the previously unknown archaeology uncovered. Archaeological work was carried out whilst development was carried out, and a number of previously unknown and significant buildings were found onsite. Three buildings were identified onsite that could pre-date the current Brunstane House, and possibly the original tower house.

With the discovery of unknown buildings of varying dates of construction it was apparent that archive research was required, of the owners and families that had inhabited the House and surrounding buildings. This involved research in the National Library of Scotland looking at the families between 1600 and 1900: their accounts, their diaries, their farm logs, and more, which continue to give a nice insight into the lives of the labourers of the time.