Pride 2019

In recent political and current events, it is our responsibility, as a company and individuals, to be inclusive, intersectional, and supportive of all our LGBTQ siblings and to do so expressly.

Supporting the LGBTQ community, is of course, more than rainbow marketing. It is ensuring that team members can be themselves and included in the workplace. It is ensuring real equality. In terms of archaeology, the voices of the LGBTQ community can inform us about our research, our methods of working and our decisions on what we require, both from our clients and ourselves. Representing the diversity of lived lives, both through archaeology and our current work, is what drives us.

Archaeology requires significant changes to ensure that it is diverse. This is what we strive for, and includes these spaces;

- creating stable work environments,

- a support network,

- an anti-bullying, zero tolerance agreed strategy, and

- an open discussion of funding and ethics of our work

Our ethos of community is what makes us, as a team, able to be proactive in our choices of how we approach our practice of archaeology and how we share it on a daily basis.